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Company overview

Bowen Enterprise serves local Southern California businesses in person and businesses via the internet. We at Bowen Enterprise pride ourselves on providing complete solutions to a wide range of small business needs and requirements. We utilize our 25 years of experience in the computer industry to manage and complete your business requirements.

Our goals are simple and straight forward. We want you to be happy and satisfied with our products and services and we want you as a repeat customer. We will treat you the way we want to be treated when we ourselves do business.

We will give you realistic delivery times and schedules to the best of our ability. We will keep you informed via email or by phone if there is an issue with your delivery or service call. We always provide a complete service report for service work done regardless of how small the job is.



Services offered

  ü       Windows OS service

ü       Computer hardware repair

ü       Wireless Network setup

ü       Software installations

ü       Custom computer systems

ü       Virus & pop-up removal

ü       Computer network Security

ü      Cable modem & DSL service

Products offered

Bowen Enterprise offers most computer porducts;

Servers  / Desktops/ Laptops

Printers / Scanners

network equipment  Switches/ routers / Wireless

*From all of the  major vendors such as

HP, IBM /Lenovo, Cisco, 3Com, and many more.

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